Monday, 5 November 2007

buttons and things

a charity shop find

a river bank find

some homemade business cards,
after I'd made them my hubby helpfully suggested that I should have put what Imake on them, not just my name and contacts. anyway what do I make??

I was so busy this morning getting the kids ready for school, getting the house ready for the plumber, and trying to write a letter to go with the business card and the photos and some samples of fabric that I've realised I forgot to eat any breakfast. I was just wondering why I felt a bit flakey this morning- that could be why!
and now the plumber is here, and it's all doom and gloom, and the wrong gas pipes, and no drain for the heating system, and ..... why did I think changing the boiler was a good idea.....


  1. good luck with the commissions.

    I can never resist a button either!

  2. Sounds like you need a 'chardonnay'.

    Hope tomorrow has more time for you in it.

    Enjoyed the photos.

  3. The new boiler will be worth it in the end - we had ours done two? three? years ago and it is still lovely not to have the old one making noises like an aeroplane taking off, and causing the whole house to smell of hot heating oil.

    And how come everyone else discovers huge hauls of scrummy buttons at the charity shop? I'm lucky to end up with half a dozen at t time!

  4. Hope you have eaten now - I am always really grumpy and out of sorts until I've eaten. Lovely buttons. Hope you are soon nice and toasty with your new boiler!

  5. Hope you've found time to eat by now. It's awful that feeling when you realise it's half way through the day and you've not had time to ear. Is the boiler in?
    Kim x


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