Wednesday 7 November 2007

one step further

so I sent the photos to the friend of a friend about the wallhanging, and thought, well that will be the end of it, she'll never ring..
and she did!
and she's coming on Monday to look at the original, and some other things I've made, and of course to talk about £.

which is where it all falls apart.

how can I possibly work out what to charge?
why did I throw away all of the client costings, hours spent, design time, records of how it was made and with what resources... that I had to do for city and guilds, I know I was sick of the sight of them, but why didn't I put them in the attic not the dustbin!!! probably because I didn't believe that one day there might be a real not a fictional client, and that they would have been useful. still don't actually.

so if anyone has any ideas of how I work out a price, that this lady might consider paying, and that is a fair representation of the work put in then please please let me know...

as an aside I've decided that if she doesn't go for it I'm going to make one anyway, probably a bit different, and see what happens.

oh and maybe the boiler will be finished today! I had two children very reluctant to get out of their cosy beds this morning, - mmm maybe I'll turn the heating off on Friday night!


  1. Sorry, but I'm a bit out of touch with what it is worth, but I just want to wish you the best of luck. It is such a beautiful wall~hanging! It looks like a lot of work to me and you deserve a good reward! You should definitely make more!! Gx

  2. Sorry, I am not much help either. I have this trouble all the time - just remember when it becomes a chore for you - it is time to put your prices up.

    Good luck - and keep making them

  3. No advice unfortunately as I've only ever given stuff away! I'm sure I would be tempted to underprice myself at the beginning. Good luck! Lina x

  4. I'm hopeless at pricing, so good luck with that! I'm sure she'll like it. Hope that boiler is fixed soon


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