Friday 11 January 2008

2 treats

two lovely things have happened in the last 2 days, I got a wonderful surprise parcel in the post from Linaloo, and my first blogger award from Isobel at Cosy Corner. thank you Isobel!!!

the blogger award came with a request for 7 wierd facts.

I feel I've done something very similar already, so I'll try to keep it short.

  1. I have 112 cookbooks - I just counted, oh my god, I knew I had a lot but....

  2. of those 112, 17 of them are gluten free cook books, which means 95 have recipes in I can't eat unless I mess about with the ingredients, which sometimes works, and sometimes is a disaster....

  3. I had planned this year to try and cook something out of one of these books once a week, but now I've calculated it will take 2 years and 1 1/2 months maybe I'll eat tinned soup all year instead, less daunting.

  4. one of the great culinary achievements over Christmas was introducing curry to Miss K and E. friday night curry tradition we here come!

  5. when Miss K was little she was the fussiest eater in the entire world, she drove me to tears with it. now she eats huge amounts of almost everything, especially roast potatoes.

  6. considering all of the above it's amazing I don't look more like this;

  7. which would be unfortunate as my J's sister has asked Miss K and I to be bridesmaids in the summer.......
now the fun part I choose to pass on this award to (not sure how many I'm allowed to choose)

my parcel from Lina was a real treat, I'd sent her something as part of a pay it forward, and as a thankyou she sent me these, which I love, she'd posted about them here and it was such a delight when they sailed through my letter box - thankyou Lina, you are so generous!!

aren't they lovely!


  1. Such fun to read your list! And what a great gift you those embroidered hearts. Happy weekend to you ((HUGS))

  2. 112? I can't get over that! Are you at least a sensational cook?!!! Thanks for the award Tess!

  3. Yes they are lovely and I bet all those cookbooks are too!
    We love having a curry night here at Willow House, well the boys and I do my husband doesn't really like my curries.

  4. I love your parcel...they are so sweet.
    Oh my goodness - that is sooo many cookbooks, LOL....How awesome!Melx

  5. Oh, I'll have to count mine - You may well be the first person I know with more cookbooks than me!
    Thanks for the award :O)
    What a gorgeous handcrafted parcel from Lina!

  6. Thank you for the lovely award! I am off to count my cookbooks. I may be some time...

  7. Fabulous coasters, you lucky thing!

    Congrats on the award and thank you for passing it on - I always enjoy coming here to see what you've been up to and this is a lovely award to receive.

  8. How lovely it is to get an unexpected award. Well done Isobel for sending it your way and thank you for passing it on to me!

  9. blimey, I thought I had a lot of recipe books..need to count them when I get home from work, but I don't think your record will be beaten! Congrats on your award, the lovely Tracy has given me one but am struggling to copy it onto my blog (and still trying to think of 7 weird facts-when in fact there are probably hundreds...)

  10. They are very lovely indeed. What a gorgeous present. I can't believe you've got 112 cook books!! I thought we were bad!! ;-) Mr P bought me 'indian food made easy' by Anjum Anand for christmas so I'm going to attempt a coconut based curry this week. Have you got that one in your collection?

  11. those are lovely! good mail is the best!!!

    112 is a LOT of cookbooks. oh, my.


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