Monday, 21 January 2008

moving out of the kitchen

another morning of wellies and brollies on the way to school, I used the ladybird on the way home but don't tell Miss K.
she was wearing her wellies as you can't get into her classroom at the moment without wading through a large flood in the playground so she was ok getting to school, but I had to lift E over several puddles that he probably will jump over on the way home, but on the way there I wasn't prepared to take the risk.....

splash splash splash!

I spent several hours on Saturday carving out a corner of my own for my sewing machine, it usually lives on the kitchen table, which means lots of moving everything all the time, and with this awful weather is actually pretty dark in the kitchen. I have a little space in the corner of the conservatory, which is taken over entirely by children, toys, and cats, but this bit is mine now.

I like the contradiction between the old table, and the new machine, - what do you think?

another good reason for moving out of the kitchen is that it STILL looks like this.....
I had a long "chat" with the insurance this morning, as they have still failed to hurry things up, even after J wrote a very polite but firm letter to the chief executive...
and we're still no further on, and they still don't know what the delay is, and there is still dispute about the money, and pretty soon I'll be heading to the doctors for some valium.

good news is that a good friend is coming to stay tonight for a few days, so I've got out of some meetings I was supposed to go to, and we're going to drink tea, and eat cake, and maybe go in search of retail therapy.

and soon there will be some exciting news (well I'm excited - and nervous actually).


  1. OMG!! You have NO kitchen! LOL! I do hope you'll get it back soon! Otherwise, sounds like you've had a sweet weekend. Are you playing camping in the lounge since your kitchen is gone? Happy week to you...and sweet dreams of a new kitchen ;o) ((HUGS))

  2. You poor thing with your kitchen! I love your sewing machine table - is it a new purchase? (I mean a new, but vintage purchase...if you see what I mean?). But how lovely to have your own space and to work on such a beautiful table.

  3. Hi Driftwood! I think this is my first comment, although I have lurked for some time now!
    My great Nan had a sewing-machine table with a treadle just like yours - I love the old/new look.

  4. No kitchen? How awful, does that mean too many trips to the chippy?!
    Feels like it has been raining since Christmas doesn't it?

  5. Hi, I too have lived without a kitchen whilst the builders were doing the extension. Takes all the fun out of takeaways!
    Soo nice to have your own space too. I have taken over the spare room - ha that bed will never go back now!

  6. No kitchen, no room for your sewing machine but exciting news to tell us. How intriguing! I'm glad you found somewhere for your Janome, it does look lovely on the table and I do hope your kitchen gets sorted soon for you. Hope you have fun with your friend

  7. I think your table is perfect. There used to be a teashop in the Lake District where all the table were old sewing tables; it's turned into a very tasteful arty cafe now but still good cakes!

    Hope the kitchen is sorted soon - it has been a long time :-( And you've got me all intrigued with the exciting news!

  8. enjoy your tea and cake- always a good thing! I do love your swing table, it's great.
    Intrigued to hear your latest?!!
    anna x

  9. Tea, cake and retail therapy cures all known ills I find. The sun came out for 6.4 mins here today. Hooray!

  10. Well it's no wonder you can only dream over all the cookbooks! LOL
    I hope things start happening for you very soon!
    Great that you have a new craft corner, I'm sure I would do get a lot more done if only I had a craft room - will have to wait till my oldest leaves home!
    Have a great time with your friend Gx

  11. This may appear twice, or blogger just deleted my commnent! Good luck with the kitchen, it's pretty tough living like that for so long! Glad you managed to get some sewing space though, it'll make a huge difference.

  12. I like you new "me" space, the table is beautiful and I can imagine you having many happy hours there creating....hope its' enough to take your mind off the kitchen, omg, buckets of sympathy coming your way, hope it's sorted for you soon
    ps go-on spill the beans about your exciting news, don't keep us guessing!

  13. Oh no! Your kitchen! How are you coping without it?! It must be driving you mad, all those cook books and nowhere to cook! You poor thing. I do like the old/new contrast of your sewing machine on that table. :-)


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