Wednesday, 9 January 2008

floppy's adventures

meet floppy

floppy is E's favourite cuddly thing, he goes everywhere, and is the first call of comfort after a bump or a tumble.

on Sunday floppy was found on our bedroom floor, even E seemed bemused but I guessed he'd left there after playing in our bed.

on Monday floppy was found on the bathroom floor, I figured he'd been abandoned when cleaning teeth before school.

on Tuesday he was halfway down the stairs, by this time I'm about to have words with E about leaving his stuff all over the house, and maybe floppy could stay in bed..

this morning when I went out floppy was tucked up snug in bed,
when we got home from school floppy is on the floor by the front door.

hhhmmmmmmm, either floppy is getting upto lots of mischief or there are other culprits involved.

the evidence so far;

the chief suspects have been seen in the vicinity of the crime scene.....


  1. lol it's so funny what cats get up to when we're not in the house. I'd love to put cat cams on ours.
    I'm sure you're find out soon what they're up to with Floppy.
    Have a good week.

    Catherine x

  2. Methinks you've solved the mystery!

  3. oh yes, we have a puppy that does that... my kids got really upset when I accuse them instead!!


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