Sunday, 6 January 2008

some sewing at last!

I won these two lovely things in a giveaway from Sew Christine, and have only just photographed them, thanks Christine they're great. And everyone should pop over to visit her because she's having another giveaway right now!!

this is a satisfying pile of sewing that is the accomplishment of the weekend,
little gingham bags as requested by the one of the mums in the shop I mentioned, she wants to make up some gingerbread kits.

each bag has a cookie cutter, and a picture to match.

and here's a peak of some gorgeous fat quarters that came in a Christmas parcel from the states that arrived yesterday, now what shall I make?

it's remarkably peaceful here, the calm before the storm I guess, Miss K is at the pantomime with Brownies, E is battling lego stormtroopers, J is getting the bbq out becuase Grandma and Grandpa are coming for dinner, and the only part of the oven that works is too small to cook the roast beast and the roast potatoes, so the beast is going on the bbq. I know its January, and it's also dark, but it's that or just potatoes becuase Miss K won't allow them to be off the menu. ..

how long do I leave it before I remind them it's school tomorrow?


  1. Love your gingerbread bags - how cool would those be as take home gifts from a biscuit decorating party? Hmmmm.

    Our roast beast has just gone in the oven - hubby bought the biggest chicken I have ever seen so we'll have to have the littlies in their jimjams before tea tonight. Oh well. School started last week for us, and was only mildly tearful. Nursery (and my work) starts tomorrow. We're not all that excited at the prospect ...

  2. The gingerbread bags are very nice, cute party gift idea.
    Thanks for all you lovely comments you leave me and sorry I've not got back to you, just been so busy.
    Will check in with you from now on. Promise.
    See you soon.

    Catherine x

  3. Love the gingham bags. I'm such a gingham girl - very cute indeed!

  4. The gingerbread sets are a great idea! My girls get 8 weeks off, but I'm back to work today aaahhhh..

  5. The bags are so pretty, I love the idea of tying on the cookie cutter!Very cute indeed. I may have an attempt at making something similiar to put my jewellery in for when I FINALLY set up my Etsy shop!Happy New Year


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