Thursday, 17 January 2008

more brain freezes

so monday I microwaved cornflakes, this morning I got halfway to school and realised I had odd shoes on! Great.... continue walking to school, drop off Miss K and E, go to see the teacher whose class I help with on Thursdays, tell her I have to go home and will be back asap. walk home, change shoes, walk back. now VERY wet.... it feels like a lifetime till play when I finally get a cup of tea.

must engage my brain in the mornings from now on!

I tried to do some sewing on Monday, but ended up unpicking more than I sewed (reverse sewing!), so made these felt lovelies instead,

and then with valentines in mind a few hearts.

they've gone off to the local shop, I wonder if anyone will like them? I will make some for etsy, as soon as my brain starts working when I need to look into how to work paypal, how to import images onto etsy, and how to make a banner and..and ... could be some time then!

J turned to me as I was labelling the felt flowers with a driftwood and daisies label

"if you're driftwood does that make me daisy?"


  1. I love those little hearts - are they buttons? Super cute!

  2. I thought I was bad in the morning, I've attempted to fit little boy shoes onto big girls feet a few times, but I've never managed odd shoes. Did anyone notice? The new creations look fantastic.

  3. You sound like me - definitely not a morning person, but a night owl, perhaps you should do the technical stuff Loooove the brooches and can't wait to see your D&D label. Gx

  4. Aww hope life un-muddles itself soon for you. I've never done the odd shoe thing, but often find i put my daughters shoes on the wrong feet, sometimes she notices and sometimes not until I wonder why she is walking funny lol.
    Your heart buttons are lovely - any chance of a sneek peek at your Driftwood and Daisies label, bet thats lovely too - can't wait for your shop to open.

  5. AH I know that feeling very well, a cup of coffee usually sets me right. I love those flowers so fragile looking.

  6. I'm sure they will sell well, they're so pretty! I would buy one, definitely. Glad you like the earrings, thankyou x

  7. those felted flowers are totally beautiful!

  8. I just love the felted flowers - so delicate and pretty. And the hearts - I am such a fan of anything heartshaped. I am really looking forward to your etsy shop opening. Hope the mornings get better!

  9. Very lovely hearts and pins.

    Wasn't it wet though? We looked like someone had thrown buckets of water over us in Thursday by the time we got home.

  10. That's a good man, who doesn't mind being called "Daisy"! Amy


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