Thursday, 3 January 2008

mad dogs and englishmen?

we had a lovely new year with friends, with some amazing culinary experiences;

I know some of you from the other side of the world may be used to picnicing on the beach in January, but it's not something we'd expect in Yorkshire!
A long walk up a steep hill, followed by a very muddy slither down again, a very competitive game of beach football, some beach combing, and some fossiling was followed by sandwiches, christmas cake and coffee on the beach, and then hot baths and a dvd in front of the fire for tired and dirty children.

when all were clean and warm we wished in the new year with

hibiscus flowers in champagne! (or lemonade if you are too small for champagne..)

and some very delicious fruit,

some very pretty marshmallows,

a christmas present of our hosts,

and more dirty children again!

can it still count as part of your five a day if it's smothered in chocolate?

this morning, we've all been out to participate in my Christmas present from J, a family photo session at a studio, we haven't had a decent family photo with all of us in it for about 3 years, I usally hold the camera to avoid being photographed!

and soon we're going out to try and find a hill to sledge down because there's snow! not much by Lina's standards, but enough to excite the little ones, (well me too actually!)
photos tomorrow, hopefully not of us sitting in A&E in plaster casts....

thanks for all the Christmas and New Year wishes, hope 2008 is great for everyone!


  1. oooh, check you out with your fancy flowers in champers - I think you're a bit posh, lol!!! Picnicing on the beach, in Yorkshire, in this blooming weather - are you mental (or just far more hardy than puny and pathetic me!). What beach was it? Surely not Brid or Scarborough, you'd get folk looking at you funny! At this time of year the only people I have ever seen on the beaches are A: dog walkers B: mad people C: goths/emo kids trying to be alternative D: people trying very hard to pretend it's warm and walking very fast to get away from the beach and back to the warmth of their cars or the local coffee shop.
    I am VERY impressed with you!!!!

  2. Snow! You lucky things perfect what a perfect way to end the hols. That chocolate fountain looks like awfully good fun and as for picnics on the beach in Jan, we did it for years when the kids were young but now they just compalin about how cold it is and refuse to go! Bo ho!
    Happy New Year to you all.

  3. hope you had enough snow - I could send you some!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I hope that chocolate covered fruit counts otherwise we're scuppered!!! Hope you enjoyed the snow

  5. Lucky you with snow! We were promised but it didn't arrive - cue two very disappointed children.

    Chocolate fountain - yuuuuum. Are marshmallows fruit?!

  6. All that food looks very yummy..what a lovely idea (flowers in champagne). I'd really love a chocolate fountain...only it would be too tempting, I'd want to use it all the time!

  7. What scrumptious treats! A perfect way to start the year. 3 of my fave things: beachcombing, strawberries and chocolate! Hope you enjoyed the snow! Gx

  8. Happy New Year! Did you resist the temptation to just lie underneath the choccy fountain? Sounds like you had the best time. I love unseasonal barbecues and picnics. We often take sausages and a barbecue to our allotment even in winter. There's nothing like it. Christmas cake on the beach sounds like my idea of a good time!
    Cathy X

  9. Happy new year!! Oh that sounds like so much fun and romantic... hot coffee and sandwiches on the beach! I wish we lived closer to the coast.


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