Friday 9 January 2009

remember this? the result of years of nail biting for Miss K, for which we had tried many methods to break the habit, to no avail. funny how a serious nail bed infection, disgusting antibiotics and quite a sore finger managed to do the trick. and after weeks and weeks of persistence, Miss K has discovered that nails are quite nice after all, and need not be destroyed at the first hint of anything growing. We have discovered that you can file them smooth with a pretty flowery nail file, and use a cute hippo shaped brush to clean them, such novelties! and tonight after a week back at school with no recurrence of the biting I have promised nail polish, which is a big treat!

so explain to me how when I was out at lunchtime somehow I decided that just polish wasn't enough of a statement of my joy at the new nails, and so this glittery, sparkly, glitzy, and outlandish kit of nail art goodies just had to be purchased. oh I can't wait to see her face.

I might just have to do mine too, just to keep her company you understand...............

I got the last 4 blocks done on the quilt along, goodness know how I got so far behind, still I'm less than a year behind now..... this is the layout as they stand, I never intended to do all the small squares around the edge, and go for a much simpler layout with just sashing, but now I've got all the blocks made I'm not sure. Should I make some more blocks (and if so stick to the blue, or mix it up and add another colour) and make a 5 x 4 layout, which is more bed sized, or make it as it is, as a lap quilt. oh decisions decisions.......

tell me what you think?


  1. I think you should go bed-size on the quilt. Much more useful than a lap quilt. ALthough I'm sure you'll be cursing me and my bright ideas as you wrestle with the sashing!

    And I think you should be as bling-y as possible with your nails - Miss K too :o)


  2. Ha! That was supposed to read "Well done on both the quilt and the long fingernails" at the end!

  3. The nail kit looks fantastic, my daughter would love it, alas she is also a nail biter, but not quite as extreme as nail bed infections!

  4. Pretty blocks! I bought fabric for a quilt for our bed a year ago and haven't even started it yet so you're ahead of me!

    Good for Miss K - she fully deserves a bit of nail bling this weekend :-)

  5. Easy for me to say, not having to do it but I think a bed size quilt would be gorgeous. Usually I am all about colour and little clashes but this time I think blue and white all the way. Your points look perfect by the way, if I may say so!

  6. maybe stick a bit of red in but blue and white by itself is very nice. Well done to your daughter too
    lisa x

  7. Miss K is going to be beside herself when she sees all those nail sparkles - very girly!
    The quilt is looking lovely. I like the blue and white scheme.

  8. Loving the quilt blocks - you have been a busy bee getting all this done and more besides. I like the idea of a quilt for the bed - more scope to play around with the design. I like the blue and white theme but you could add a tiny flower print somewhere perhaps.

    Well done to Miss K - it's a huge thing and she has done SO well to succeed and deserves the gorgeous little package. Have fun!

    I don't even know about gloves and matting or why you need them?!!! Shows how 'beginner' I am!!

  9. Can I come over and play nail salons too? Blocks are gorgeous - I love the simple blue and white theme.

  10. And you definitely need to make a big size quilt - it will look gorgeous and you won't regret it x

  11. Well done to Miss K, she deserves her nail kit and you deserve your sparkly nails. How about adding some more blue and white squares to your quilt to make it bed size?

  12. Bed size AND just blue and white...

    At least, that's my opinion!

  13. What a great achievement to break such a habbit at nail biting! My big girl sucks her thumb and just can't stop quite yet.

  14. Congratulations Miss K on your lovely long fingernails! With your new nail kit I bet your nails will look wonderful.
    Lovely quilt blocks, looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  15. hehe! I'm a bit of a sucker for nail art too! You will have to post a lovely sparkly picture of the results! x


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