Saturday, 8 December 2007

the calm before the storm

today was a respite in the midst of a crazy busy weekend.

last night was our nct group christmas dinner, 14 of us drinking eating and talking till late into the night.
tonight is a friends 40th birthday party
the inlaws have come to stay to baby sit for tonight
and to be here for pool party tomorrow...
at some point before Monday I really need to wrap miss K's presents
and make her a cake (she has requested a fairy castle!)

but today I had a lovely day with Beth on one of her felting workshops. I went with my sister in law and we drank lots of tea to revive ourselves after the excesses of the night before and we spent the morning making lots of samples, and in the afternoon we made two fabulous nuno scarves.
photos when I get a chance, and it's not dark which maybe never... Beth had an amazing little pop up tent to photograph inside which acts like a sort of light box, can I convince myself I need one??


  1. Good luck with the castle cake ~ I made one for Jem's 6th birthday. :O)

  2. I have to make a birthday cake for Friday this week - I have know idea what to do - 7 year old boy!!

    I am very jealous of the fact that you have been to a felting class - I really want to go to one. Can't wait to see your pics.

    Good luck with all the partying. People shouldn't be allowed to have birthdays in December!!!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the day, good luck with the cake, you'll have to post photographs.


  4. Please can you tell us more about felting?! (When you're done with birthdays and Christmas that is...)


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