Wednesday, 19 December 2007

what's in a name

I need some help today.

I've very recently been in touch with a little local shop ( they visit craft fairs etc as well) that sells handmade items made by local mums, and takes 25% commision. I took in a few little tote bags, some Christmas hearts, and a few Christmas brooches. They liked what I had and would like some more.... and some patchwork, and some felt flowers, in fact anything I want to take in, you get paid if it sells, if not you get it back.

so here's the problem, everything they sell goes under the name of the shop primarily, but you can have your own labels if you like as well.

so what do I put on, if it works out well then maybe I might open an etsy shop one day, and driftwood is taken on etsy (by someone who has nothing in their shop..) and would people think the things were made of driftwood?

ideas I have so far;

handmade by tess - not very original, but does what it says on the tin..

or as my hubby always just calls me t something like

t and .......

or tea and .....

or patchwork pear - in homage to this,

possible other relevant things,

I'm very fond of cake and roses and tea, and my middle name is Kathryn (Kate, Katie....) and... no can't think of anything else.

please leave a suggestion, including all those people who've never commented before, I know you're out there with just the right name, and I could have a prize draw if I need to bribe you to comment....


  1. Why not use HANDMADE BY DRIFTWOOD as it explains simply what it is and driftwood is a nice name!

    Have a good Christmas


  2. I like "The Patchwork Pear"
    Although the first idea on the previous comment is closer to what you first wanted. :)

  3. I so wish I could help you, but I am horrible with that kind of thing. That's half the reason I haven't really tried to do anything with my stuff - I can't think of what to call myself!

  4. oh - i love patchwork pear x
    tracy x

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  6. I think that it would be a shame to lose the Driftwood name because everybody knows who you are. The problem with the Patchwork Pear (which is a great name, don't get me wrong) is that you might feel limited eventually if you wanted to branch out into areas not very close to patchwork or even textiles.

  7. Hi Tess, I love the name driftwood as well. I think annie's idea is a good one. I'd definitely try to incorporate it somehow. How about 'driftwood & pebbles', or 'ocean driftwood' or 'driftwood & blue' or 'driftwood dreams'. The combinations are endless but I think it should have meaning for you. It's fun coming up with names! Have a great christmas! :-)
    p.s. Thanks for the egg in the pastry tip! Can't wait to try it.

  8. Any chance of contacting the etsy person and asking them to give it up? Always worth a try. Otherwise patchwork pear is definitely a good idea.

    PS Exciting to think you may be in business!

  9. I too love the driftwood in your name Tess ~ I like Lesley's suggestion of 'driftwood something'. Another option could be "Driftwood Designs".
    Sounds very exciting! Best of luck with it! I bet those stunning felt flowers will sell like hot cakes!! Gx

  10. I like 'patchwork pear' too, but I also think adding something to Driftwood would be good. Driftwood is less specific to textiles too - great if you want to branch out. Good luck!
    Cathy X

  11. I love Patchwork Pear! Your could use that for your label and for you eventual Etsy shop to. The problem with names is that they can be snapped up from under us. I love you name of driftwood, but it does conjure very beachy ideas and less textile if they will be your route exclusively. Be sure when choosing your name that it feels meaningful to you, and everything right will come of it. Looking forward to what you decide! And very exciting this shop wants to see your pretties--wonderful! Wishing you & yours a beautiful Holliday Season, Peace and Many Blessings in the New Year ((HUGS))

  12. Goodness what a dilema, I have no suggestions other than the name rally needs to resonate with you because you'll be seeing it everywhere. Yes I think you should label your stuff and I think you should open an etsy shop as soon as poss. Just one thing if you use a name other than driftwood you might want to consider changing the name of your blog.
    Anyway that's my two pennoth worth! Now Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. I would call yourself 'Driftwood Tess' :o)

    The pear is lovely - especially like the nice droopy leaves.

  14. I'm rubbish at names - I think driftwood is great but I can see how it would be tough if there's already a driftwood on etsy. I like Annie's idea too - or even two lines - "Driftwood: Handmade by Tess"? Though actually that does imply some sort of whittling. Told you I was rubbish at this!

  15. Patchwork Pear sounds great to me! I just had an idea, wasn't there something we did in maths called Tessallations or something o r am I just imagining that ( I am very tired!). Good luck with that. Wishing you and yoru family a very Happy Christmas

  16. Hmm. My husband and I have been thinking long and hard..and come up with 'Pear of Aces' Not sure now. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The idea being that you make cool stuff, etc.etc. ignore me and my bizarre rantings! Have a fab christmas-inspiration is bound to strike!

  17. I like Driftwood, I like Patchwork Pear......... what's your gut feeling?...... Go with your gut feeling, because that is what you will want deep down. Could you put a hyphen in Driftwood? So then it's still Drift-wood....... does that make it different enough from the one on etsy?
    Happy Christmas!

  18. Oh, how about Patchwork Driftwood? :)

    And my first name is Kathryn (same spelling), so I'm rather partial. :) You should deffo put it someplace.

  19. I like Driftwood but I see the dilemma. What about 'Katie makes tea' or 'Tea for Tess'???
    The patchwork Pear sounds lovey but does evoke images of lots of patchworky goods, which may be a bit limiting.

    Have fun deciding and good luck at the little shop.


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