Wednesday, 19 December 2007

let them eat cake

after seeing so many pictures of snow and cold it was a delight to see this on Gina's blog, it amazes me that she can be having such different weather!

meanwhile here in England it's grey and chilly, just as well we have more smiley faces to cheer us up!

2 more days of school, E has his school party today so could go to school in "party clothes" - he chose a pair of trousers of which the elastic button waistband had come undone, so I've just spent 10 minutes sitting in the corner of the class with a safety pin threading the elastic back through...

we took the teacher gifts in this morning, mostly because they were in danger of being eaten by J, who insists that as its now Christmas ("well we have the tree up don't we"), that any Christmas related food is fair play, including any cakes that might be on the kitchen table.

I'm not sure how well it would go down at school if they turned up saying "daddy ate your present" - it might make the next parents evening a bit tense..


  1. WONDERFUL cakes! They look so good! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. They look wonderful, very yummy indeed!!! We've got two more days of school and no more uniform until January! It is always so hard trying to remember everything the children need to take into school every day at the end of term, it's a relief to have a break for a while.

  3. Love those cakes, and one would go down very well with a cup of tea right about now!

  4. MMMM...these cakes look yummy!
    I am now off to see Gina's blog.
    Peace :)NG

  5. my little pixie looks right at home and the teacher cakes make me hungry!


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