Monday, 3 December 2007

happiness is a pot of beads.

picture the scene, wet cold sunday morning, house looks like a tornado went through it at 200 miles an hour, E and hubby are feeling ill and very sorry for themselves, what I really want to do is go back to bed with a cup of tea and hide under the duvet.

Miss K "mummy can we do some sewing"
me "groan"
Miss K "can I use my beads, and make something Christmassy"

so we go for a rummage in the fabric box, and we find this little remnant that I bought several years ago, and after applying some wadding and backing, and making a few suggestions off she went.
all day there were requests to thread needles, but that was all I did,
and several hours later there was this!

Miss K you are way too clever to be my daughter!


  1. That's sooo gorgeous! .. and very clever bead-work :O)

  2. Miss K! That is sparkly-special! Whoever gets that as a present will be thrilled.

  3. Oh, how fabulous is that? Clever MissK!

  4. What a clever girl! Very impressive indeed.

  5. Miss K, if you are at loose end and need to earn a few pennies, can I send you a few jobs to do so I can relax and watch a bit of telly? :)
    What a clever girl!!!!!!!!

  6. Very clever, Miss K!! That is very sweet and pretty! Hope everyone's feeling better there soon ((HUGS))

  7. That is so sweet, and that's great that your daughter is following in your footsteps!


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