Thursday, 13 December 2007

happy birthday E

my little one is 7 today!

he decorated the cake himself, can you tell?


  1. Happy Birthday Little E!!

    My little one is 7 today (14th) and I am guessing your day is the 13th yet you were both born at the same time on opposite ends of the earth.

    Enjoy your day, I know Little L will be enjoying his!!!

  2. What a wonderful cake! Congrats to the birthday boy ~ hope you had a fantastic day! :O)

  3. Happy Birthday E - what a lovely smiley cake - I hope that a tiny part of it was gluten free for Mum.

  4. AAAAhhhhhh, so sweet, beautifully decorated....... is that a smiley open-mouthed face in there.....?
    I do like the idea of L decorating his cake, it would be interesting if he did that every year, and you took photos of the progression in style. I imagine that's completely unrealistic though, isn't it!

  5. Oh how sweet is the lovely being able to decorate it all himself too.

  6. Oh fabulous decorations! A belated happy birthday - a good week for birthdays methinks!


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