Friday 14 December 2007

christmas tag

Lina tagged me for Christmas randomness

mmm lets see.

So far this week I've been to 4 shops to find replacement bulbs for the Christmas tree lights, and have bought 2 sets that didn't fit. Today I found some that did fit but they were coloured, so we have 2 sets of white lights with a random pink blue or green sparkle here and there.
oh and they work when they're lying on the carpet, but stop as soon as they're on the tree....
2 small children keep saying "can we put the decorations on..." and they can as soon as the lights stay on for more than five minutes.

every Christmas morning we drive over with my brother and his family to my parents for a Christmas breakfast feast, which is a long and casual affair during which the children are itching to get at any presents that might be under the tree. I remember the waiting being torture as a child so we always let them have a few at home first, but we don't tell Grandma!

we don't always have turkey for Christmas, but we always have a baked ham for Christmas Eve, and then left overs for Christmas breakfast with scrambled eggs.

there's a photo every year from when I was little standing by the christmas tree with my brother and sister, it's so funny to look back at them and watch the fashions and the decor change. we've been doing with our family too, following on traditions is part of Christmas.

my mum still makes me a Christmas stocking and she always puts a sugar mouse in it.

and today I finally made the Christmas cakes - better late than never i suppose!!

if anyone wants to share their christmas thoughts please join in, and leave a comment so I know where to come and look.


  1. So, so sweet that your mum still makes you a stocking every year. How lovely is that!!!! Thanks for joining in!

  2. I keep meaning to get round to this but haven't yet - better get my skates on or it will be too late!

    I had fun reading yours :-)


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