Monday, 10 December 2007

happy birthday miss K

9 today!

Happy Birthday Miss K.
a fairy castle cake.

an early lighting of the cake because Grandad, Nana and uncle D were here last night.

lots of cards

a tree for jewels or decorations.

beautiful wrapping paper, I know it ends up in a scrumpled heap in 2 seconds but I couldn't resist it.

she opened some of her presents from the pool party this morning (well there were a few opened yesterday too), and will wait for the ones from us till this evening, because getting up at 6 to open them before daddy went to work wasn't a good plan, and opening them without daddy wasn't either.

the pool party was a great success, an hour of very loud splashing and jumping about, no one bumped their heads on the side, or got into mischief, we had some great water toys including some "sea weed" streamers which had one end that was weighted and sank to the bottom, and the other end was light and so they made ribbons in the water for little mermaids to swim through.

and then we escaped to the local pub for Sunday lunch!

It's the brownies Christmas carol concert tonight, so we've got a hectic day, I've told Brown owl it's miss K's birthday so I'm hoping they'll all sing!!!

and even though it's Miss K's birthday the postie brought a parcel for me today! From my holiday traditions swap partner Carolyn. It is fantastic, I feel incredibly lucky to have such a generous swap partner, thank you Carolyn, photos tomorrow, meanwhile I have a huge grin on my face and am just about to put part of my parcel on the cd player now!!!!


  1. What a beautiful cake!!!! I love the tree for jewels/decorations - where was that from????

  2. Happy Birthday MiSS K. I wish you a year full of fun and fancy cakes! It sounds as though you had a great party.

  3. Oh, the happiest of happy birthdays to MissK! It's my sister's birthday today too - a very good date!

  4. your cake is beautiful - well done. And a very happy 9th Birthday Miss K.

    Glad it all went well.

  5. Great cake! Happy birthday Miss K.

  6. The cake is so adorable & congrats to the birthday girl!

  7. What a FANTASTIC cake! And what a lucky girl Miss K is. She must have been over-awed by her cake............ and the cutting of it must have been tough.
    Well at least you have the photographs.


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