Wednesday, 26 December 2007

christmas festivities

could it be that we were the only house where the carrots had to be individually labeled for each reindeer?

do you think someone was delaying going to bed?

can you believe that I was finishing presents at quarter to midnight - making that is, not wrapping?

how long will it take for my 2 year old niece to understand that not all dolls are called "baby jesus" after going to church on Christmas eve?

we had a truly magical day, the kids were adorable, I'm assuming the good behaviour will wear off now that father christmas has visited, meanwhile I'm enjoying it, and playing with lots of star wars lego.

hope you are all full of Christmas leftovers, and too much chocolate, we're heading off to the grandparents tomorrow-

- wish me luck.....


  1. Oh dear.. I'll make sure my 2 don't see your carrots! I finished wrapping at midnight - which is early for me! For us it was Harry Potter Lego construction all morning. Glad you had a wonderful day! :O)

  2. Hope you've been having a wonderful Christmas! Blessings to you & yours in the New Year ((HUGS))

  3. Labelled carrots - that's hysterical! In our house Rude Rudolph ate half the carrot and then dumped the other bit in an empty glass. Still, it's an improvement over the year Father Christmas cleared up his mince pie plate and sherry glass and put them in the dishwasher - cue great confusion on Christmas morning ...

  4. the labelled carrots are great- you may have a genius in your midst! Good luck with the folks, I have managed to get out of that one by 'having' to come to work today...heehee x

  5. hahahaha @ labelling carrots..

    I'll let you in on a secret though, when I was growing up, dad used to put our names on pieces of fruit, cause he got sick of us kids eating the lot!

    Hope you had a merry christmas, and I was waiting for snot monsters (aka kiddies) to go to sleep at 2, yes TWO AM!!! argh! then they woke me at 5am.. kids eh?? I love them, but I dont think I could eat a whole one!


  6. I LOVE the idea of putting out labelled carrots for each reindeer. My two thought it was a bit mean to leave just one carrot for Rudolph. But at our house Father Christmas has a choice of organic beer, whisky, port or milk!!!

  7. I love the labelled carrots! My son used to go out to get handfuls of grass - which just added to the general mess on the carpet with the mince pie crumbs, tree needles and ground in chocolate.

    I am glad that you had such a lovely time. Happy, happy memories.

  8. That is so amusing.... the labeling of the carrots, very imaginative.............the question is, were they all eaten!!!!!!!!

  9. oh the individually named carrots are just so adorable!

  10. Oh that is so sweet about the Baby Jesus. Hope you got all the sewing done...I thought I was cutting it fine!!! I actually gave up on a couple of projects. Hope you had a special day.


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