Sunday 20 November 2011

camera recommendations please

the children have now moved on from the subject of party planning now that negotiations are complete.
(boy party = a few friends after school to eat pizza and watch a dvd, probably the last Harry Potter.
girl party = 2 friends for crafting, baking, X factor final and sleepover.)

we have now progressed to list writing. birthday wishes lists............, which then prompts them to think of Christmas wishes lists.....................

which made me think I might like to write a Christmas wishes list of my own, it will only have one thing on it, but I'm thinking that a nice small digital camera that is pocket sized, or at least fits in my knitting bag sized to have at all times would be a lovely treat, only problem is what to choose, I looked at that well known internet site that sells everything and was totally baffled. too much choice, tooooo many reviews to get bogged down in, loads of information I don't understand.

much easier to ask someone.

so if you have a little camera that you just love, and would happily recommend then please do.
likewise any to avoid would be just as useful.  thank you !


  1. Again may be a bit pricey (mine was a special number birthday present...) but my Panasonic Lumix is amazing and I love it for being so easy to use and its fab photos. I think my blog pics don't do the poor wee thing justice! Ax

  2. I am useless to you but am going to be watching this space for my own selfish needs. Lugging that big black box around isn't always the answer...

  3. P.S. Happy party planning! Let me know if the b-day havers need anything from o'er here. xo

  4. I've a Pentax Optio E90 - seems to do most of what I want and is nice and light & portable :)

    My son uses a Samsung - got it via Argos for under £100 - again does everything he wants :)

  5. I only have a compact, it's a fujifilm f100fd and I really like it and have been pleased with the photos I take with it. It's no longer made but I did a search and there are a few still for sale, mine was around £150, more than I initially intended to pay, but I thought if I'm going to get a new camera I might as well get a reasonably good one. There are loads of camera comparison websites out there. You can narrow the choices down by cost, camera type etc. I wanted one which was good at taking pictures in low light levels which was really how I ended up with the one I have. Happy searching!

  6. I have worn my Canon IXUS 75 out and just progressed to an IXUS 100, costing £50 (it didnt have its box!)from the local Currys/PC World Discount Warehouse...

    I have to say they are lovely camera's & very simple to use...bit like me then!


  7. I'm using a Fuji Finepix F300EXR at the moment and am really pleased with it. Not too complicated to use but plenty of different settings on it to use if you want to explore it more.

  8. I adore my Canon IXUS. The best small camera I've ever used. And was sooo impressed with your baby hats! K x

  9. I've got a Canon IXUS too - chose it after trying out all my pals' compact cameras. It lives in my handbag for all those occasions when my dslr is way too bulky.

  10. Weirdly both me and Laura have the same little digital camera which is the cannon PowerShot. Neither of us confered either we just got out our cameras last year and viola, pretty weird. Anyway...It is pretty good. All the photos on the blog where the letters are from me are taken with that camera. Enjoy the camera hunt- Annie

  11. Anything in the Canon IXUS range - we have had most of them in this family. I have the Canon IXUS 130 at the moment and it is wonderful - not much bigger than a mobile phone.


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