Monday 21 November 2011

felting not stirring

yesterday was stir up Sunday in the UK, the traditional date for making your Christmas puddings.
I made this felt one instead. do you think that counts?
probably won't taste nice with brandy butter though.............

ps. thank you for the camera recommendations, anymore gratefully received, and also welcome to all my new followers. lovely to meet you. x


  1. Must have been the weekend for it! Adorable pud, you!

  2. I love your creation.
    You are clever and there are fewer calories.

    My best
    Helen xx

  3. It looks delicious but I'm not sure I would recommend eating it - brandy butter or not ;-) I'm having a little festive tutorial and giveaway tomorrow and really hope you will be able to join in.

  4. Oh. OHHHHHH! Could it be any more adorable? That's it, stuff the jewellery I'm meant to be making, I'm going off to find my felting needles.

  5. That is also absolutely gorgeous. I must try this felting one day! Back to cameras....I have a small Fujifilm Finepix Z70 and although it does take good pics outside, I'm very disappointed with the inside shots, they turn out very grainy so I wouldn't recommend this one. I do however have my big Nikon which I love but it is an expensive camera (I was lucky, it was a pressy!) I would still like a small handy slip in pocket one though that is better than the one I have, especially for indoor pics, so let me know what you decide on. Thanks also for your lovely comments on my blog. Suzy x

  6. Love your pudding. Felting is something I'd like to try someday (soon!).

  7. Hello,
    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

  8. Oh absolutely and much less faff (I think) then making an edible one.

    Nina x


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