Friday 11 November 2011

letters it would be satisfying to write. 1.

Dear games teacher,

next time it is really really wet and muddy and you cannot drag your teaching practise out of the dark ages, and therefore make all the children lie face down in the mud because someone fell over during cross country, it would be really nice if you offered to take home the sports kit and wash it.

Best Wishes,
E's mum.


  1. Yesterday Smallcame home thrilled with himself that they had all being rolling around in the mud at playtime. He was caked. I wonder what the state of their classroom liked in the afternoon...
    But that was their own crazy decision. Not the wierd and random work of the PE devil. Ax

  2. Nooooo!
    What on earth?? & various other things flitting across my mind.

    I think I would have to send said letter.


  3. seriously?

    and the teaching of that would be?

    Man, I'd have a chat with someone about that...

  4. Didn't think they'd be allowed to do that these days.

    What a ^&%@ - time to write a version of that letter ;)

  5. That is just ridiculous, I definately think I would be having a word.

  6. The Rugby coach here does that if he thinks the boys are 'too clean'. But then he is an official neanderthal.

  7. Whaaat? I'm not sure that's even legal! It's certainly not clever, and seems to be the very definition of bullying.

    What a horrible thing for E - poor lad.


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