Wednesday 2 November 2011

camp blanket

E has recently moved up from cubs to scouts.
which entails an even later bedtime on a school night and a new uniform.
and an exciting county scout camp with loads of amazing activities to do.
shame it was the end of October. so as well as his sleeping bag it was decided an extra blanket would be a good idea. which solved the problem of what to do with all of the badges that came off the cub sweatshirt (oh and all of the badges that were still On the beaver sweatshirt......).
it took me HOURS. but he loved it, and it kept him warm. well warmer.....

he came back from camp with filthy stinky kit, another bump on the head, and guess what -
more badges.

a little voice as he went out of the door this morning.
"mum will you sew my new badges onto my scout uniform for tonight please"

I think I need a cup of tea first........


  1. I tried the 'now you're in Scouts, you really ought to be sewing on your own' speech. It didn't work.

    Like your blanket idea for the old uniform badges.

  2. Am dreading the move up to Cubs when all the badges have to be moved- you know how bad at sewing I am... Has the smell gone yet??? Ax

  3. I can understand your pain - big son has been through beavers, cubs, scouts & is now an explorer - I've had to sew so many badges on shirts/blankets over the years.

    Little son just did the first 3 - he still loves his camp blanket though - comes on trips with us and goes on his bed in the winter too.

    Oh and the smell - yep get that too - worse one was campfire smoke, teenager male and the aroma of freshy gutted/skinned rabbit too!!!!

  4. Good grief - you're going to have repetitive stress syndrome from hours of sewing on badges! I recommend massage with chocolate-scented oil...

  5. I remember my camp blanket from Guides. I think my mother must have picked the most scratchy, horrid old blanket she could find. A hole was cut in the top to put my head through; but I've since suspected that due to the uneven 'sides' that the scratchy horrid blanket must have originally been two scratchy horrid blankets sewn together...

    Yours is gorgeous. Tell him he is DAMN LUCKY in comparison to poor old me. (It is all about me, by the way.)

  6. That's a brilliant idea. And a lot of sewing.

  7. Anything involving sewing makes me want to cry!! Which is odd because I can do cross stitch and a bit of embroidery and love it, but sewing nametags and badges - I'm jinxed, it always goes wrong - including sewing the whole lot to my trousers by mistake once!!! Bx


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