Saturday 26 November 2011

a days texting

hello where are you? love K

At Uncle A's

I miss you mummy :( come home soon love K xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss you too squishy, on way home now. looking forward to cuddles. love u. mummmy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

hello mummy when will you be home love K xxxxxxxxx

20 minutes. tell daddy to put the kettle on. love u. mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Daddy doesn't want to wear the kettle! K xx


  1. So very sweet (and it's nice to be missed).

  2. love all those kisses. I get mainly 2 letter answers by text from No2 ... yh or kk
    why kk and not ok, mystifies me!

  3. Very sweet. Or was she after something...? Ax

  4. Ah, so sweet! Hope you had a lovely time.
    Helen x

  5. What a dear little message! Hope you enjoyed your time off.

    Pomona x


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