Tuesday 22 November 2011

hair styles

I am beginning to think I need a hair cut, whilst I don't look quite this bad it's not far off. But I took E to the hairdressers at the weekend and the trauma of taking a 10 year old boy who really didn't want to go, (but was fed up of his hair being in his eyes - can't have it all.............) and the memories of sitting in front of a mirror and making inane small talk was enough to get me out of there quick as a flash and run for the hills.
I have tried looking at inspirational hairstyles on pinterest, but mostly I end up with something that resembles a birds nest, and with tired arms, and through the morning I shed a trail of hair pins whereever I go untill lunchtime when it has all escaped from whatever style I attempted and I reach for a ponytail elastic..........
roll on the cold weather is all I can say, then I can wear a hat.

note to self, find a hat I like....................


  1. You and I are in the same boat at the moment. And yes, the ponytail usually wins out. BO-ring. I'll be watching to see what you do (or don't do), and then blatantly aping you. >;-D

  2. The bald look is quite cool .. think Kojak?
    Alternatively, I have been trimming my fringe over the last few months in a bid to save some cash .. think I'm ready to be let loose for real so let me know and I'll get the scissors out of the kitchen drawer again?!
    Alternatively, go for the puffle look - it's cute!

  3. I'm in the same boat! I've had to restrain myself from using hubby's clippers as its not long enough for a ponytail... but help is on the horizon... My hairdresser is also a friend. She comes round and we drink tea, natter and she does her magic. Good job really, couldn't afford her if I had to go to the salon! Thinking of a 'Judi Dench' this time...wish me luck for 1st Dec...

  4. I went through that fear of the hairdresser chat for ages until it all just got too damn much and my hair looked like a brillo pad. I marched in and just took the pain of the hairdresser chat and got it chopped.
    The chat WAS painful though. I don't care about holidays.

  5. Oh my, how I hate hairdresser chat! I would definately get a hat if I were you.

  6. OMG! Hairdresser chat....I thought it was just me! This is one of the biggest reasons I DO NOT go to the hairdressers. Luckily I'm more of a tomboy and don't mind not going to the dreaded hairdressers and do my own. Anyway, my sister keeps telling me a ponytail is super cool and trendy atm, so there you go!

  7. I hate going to the hairdressers for that very same reason, but I've managed to find a nice young moody girl that doesn't want to talk either.

    Gawd helps me if she ever leaves!

    Nina x

  8. i have recently returned to having a fringe. quite scary to do after 25 years but i like it!
    my friend has a fringe & is happy that it hides her wrinkles, i had not thought of that but i think i may stay with it!
    a change is what it sounds like you need... and if you aren't keen then hats are very cool too x

  9. Loathe getting my hair cut. Not that it doesn't usually look better afterwards, but all that sitting around in an overheated salon while the stylist drones on and on and on (can't she see I'm trying to use the time to read the paper, dammit?). Then I spend most of the time scraping the locks back anyway. Maybe a Gaga-esque wig is the answer.

  10. Every time I have my hair cut and I am pleased with it I wonder why I don't go more regularly. And then I remember ...


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