Sunday 6 November 2011

Sunday rituals

it was fun to read about your beverage favourites, and Saturday morning rituals.
this is my Sunday evening ritual, getting the uniforms ready for the week ahead.

I have to say I don't enjoy it half as much.....


  1. School uniforms....nearly finished with those. Yay!! Sunday evening is a bit of a reality check isn't it?! Back to the weekly routine. I wonder how we can make Sunday evenings more enjoyable? I'll have to ponder on that one.
    That being said, have a wonderful week.

    Anne xx

  2. Its funny how that is always a Sunday evening memory for me as a child. My mum getting the uniforms ready. Now I am doing the same.

  3. I didn't do it last night - predicting chaos this morning. Better get them up and hop to it! Happy new week.


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