Saturday 5 November 2011

weekend coffee

Our Saturday morning ritual involves a cup of frothy coffee from the scary machine that frightens the life out of me and can only be controlled by J. When I try and use it we end up with steam and coffee all over the kitchen and then I end up shouting at it, "stop stop" which doesn't help; apparently it doesn't have voice control. I don't drink coffee at any other time, the rest of the week tea wins hands down, but Saturday mornings are for coffee.

this one's for you Penny. I owe you one.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, whatever you are drinking - is it tea or coffee or something else that makes your weekends special?


  1. Tea in bed made by OH who has finally returned from bloody endless business trips.

    Clearly, it's anti-grumpy properties have not kicked in yet.

  2. I love my coffee in the morning and have mastered our machine. :) Hubby makes a better one than me though. At the moment I smell of home brew beer as hubby and I have been bottling up his brew.
    Anne xx

  3. Thanks. And I'd hold you to that...

  4. Hi Tess, thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. i look forward to exploring your blog--so many tempting, interesting posts!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Oh, I love imagining you two enjoying a cup of joe on a lazy Saturday morning! And I had to laugh about the scary machine - we got one as a wedding present, and a knowledgeable friend had to come over and give me a mini-workshop in my kitchen. And then I promptly forgot everything he taught me. Off to see if Papa S is brewing MY morning beverage...

  6. P.S. I love that coffee cup AND the rosy thing (tablecloth? swath of fabric?) in the background...

  7. Tea tea tea. Oh how I wish I liked coffee. The chicness of going for a coffee and saying 'I'll have a latte.' Or 'A cappucino please.' No. I say 'Cup of tea please.' And feel very square. Happy weekend to you my dearie, Ax

  8. I got a chuckle from you chatting to the coffee maker. I have an expresso/cappucino maker since my teen years and they have come a long way. My deLongi is one of best and takes little room on the counter and the coffee is delicious and hot.
    Tea is also served at our house.
    I do like your ritual

    Helen xx

  9. Coffee for me no doubt, coffee and the internet. But I do miss a cup of tea, these americans don't understand the restorative properties of a good cup of tea. When I am home I like nothing more than a cup of tea first thing in the morning, if I am really lucky sometimes Laura will bring me a cup of tea and a toddler to wake me up when I stay with her, that is just about the best.

  10. Tea, every time and I, too, have a well trained husband who brings me a mug of it at weekends. (He knows I wouldn't get up otherwise!)

    Very clever heart froth, Starbucks would definitely give you a job!

  11. Oh your post made me laugh, I'm glad that I'm not the only one to talk to household appliances.

    I'm a tea girl through & through. I don't dislike coffee, but whenever I do have a cup I am usually disappointed...apart from Christmas at my hairdressers. She always does coffee with Baileys mmm. Must just many days to my next appointment?

    Thank you for your kind suggestion yesterday - I think I've done it. After re-reading my post hope it didn't sound too's taken a long time to reach such a position.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. For me, the day hasn't begun until the coffee has been drunk.

  13. Tea first thing and coffee with breakfast are my favourites! I'd love to have one with a heart on it like yours too.
    Helen x

  14. A frothy, milky coffee from the scary machine for me, but only one a day and two as a treat both weekend days and it has to be decaff.

    Otherwise it's chamomile - no wonder I'm always sleepy!

    Nina x


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