Tuesday 1 November 2011

october hunting

October scavenger hunting, I've managed 10 of this months 12, (much better than last months zero................)

pumpkin, a tiny knitted one, and the only one we had, I forgot to buy one, and then they were all gone. this one is supposed to have been on it's way across the pond, but it is a little delayed.
heritage, a flag.

witch hat, grafitti
something eerie, broomstick.

crunchy leaves, sunset
river, golden

I feel like my blogging and my photography need a little encouragement, so I've signed up for NaBloPoMo, in case a month of blogging everyday is what I need to find me feet again, or kill me off entirely..............


  1. I love your photos. That little pumpkin is so cute and the sunset is spectacular.
    Anne xx

  2. Oh, that pumpkin is so sweet.
    I'm wondering if I'll get round to posting mine today ... visits, vets, baking, craft club all beckon.

  3. Yes, I like the pumpkin too :)
    I do enjoy blogging, but it can become very time consuming. I burnt supper the other night as I was so busy commenting on posts! xx

  4. Ooh, NaBloPoMo - perhaps this is the year for me, too. Can't wait to see your daily offerings.

    Those nails/fingers are the creepiest EVER, and is that broom on your front porch? Love it. xoxoxo

  5. The little pumpkin is cute and I know I've commented before on your fantastic sunset photo!

  6. I've got a knitted pumpkin like that ... I'd forgotten all about it! Those nails are revoltingly creepy. Yuck! A great set of photographs!

  7. Love your knitted pumpkin - do you take commissions? I missed buying a pumpkin too, and luckily had a glass candle one with cut-out scary bats and witches. Have to say, it looked great. Though that might be because I'm no great shakes at pumpkin carving.

  8. That is very brave of you to sign up - I am not sure I could cope! Fun pictures - especially the knitted pumpkin!

    Pomona x

  9. Great photos, I love the sunset and the pumpkin.

  10. Oh your little knitted pumpkin is so sweet. I had good intentions that fell by the wayside and never finished mine.

    I think I'm joining you in the posting every day intention. We'll see how that goes.

  11. Looking forward to a month of blogs.--gail

  12. NaBloPoMo was already two days in before I even noticed. Missed it.

  13. That knitted pumpkin is adorable, I think you have some great photos here particulalrly that last set.


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